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Welcome to

BasedHere will provided "Local Info for Local People", run by local people. The intention is that once you have chosen your local area, it will provide a wide variety of information and services specific to your local area.

It is being run (and developed) by Kaamar Ltd, a small family company based in Lichfield, who specialise in colourful Mosaic Tile Art for every budget, with an online shop at and a unique Mosaic Design site at where you can customise our designs, or create your own from a photograph.

Currently the information available is very limited. We have a lot of ideas for things/services that only work at a local level, or with the involvement of local people, many of which are under development. We have disabled/hidden from view everything but essential functions to access the information currently available.

The only area available so far is: Lichfield

The only information available so far is: Lichfield Gospel Choir

If you live/work in the Lichfield area, and wish to add information about your community group, business, hobby or anything else that may be of interest to other Lichfield residents, please Contact Us - we can always add your information manually for now.

Our Mission: What is

This site is a new concept in providing useful local information to local residents, run by local people.

By gathering together local information on entertainment, social clubs and activities, shops, tradesmen and companies, jobs, house and car sales, we can provide residents with a simple way to find local information without spending endless hours trawling the whole internet.

Using this site, you will benefit from knowing what is locally available, can interact with other residents with a variety of services including unwanted goods recycling/sales, dating and making friends, learning of special offers available to residents, finding and supporting your local businesses and charities.

Driven by a variety of web technologies, and run by a network of small businesses, often individuals working part-time from home, the cost of providing this service is kept to a minimum. This allows us to offer extremely low cost advertising (locally and nationally) for local businesses and individuals, typically just a few pounds.

Want to be involved?

Although the site technology still needs further work, we are keen to attract interest from anyone who may want to be involved in running their local site and putting some extra money in their pocket.

There will be an generous affiliate scheme for other website owners who bring advertisers to the site, and the opportunity for any full member of the site to earn commission from advertising/other income they may generate through recommendation to friends/family/work colleagues etc.

We do however need committed and entrepreneurial people to run their local sites, who wish to "get in on the ground floor", probably on a part-time basis, setting their own hours.

We can give you the chance to start your own small business or franchise without any start up costs or contractual commitments (just a very small monthly management fee you can cancel at any time) by joining our Network Team as a Local Area Leader.

All you will need to start, when we get going, is an internet connected PC and telephone, and a few hours a week to create local content and promote the web site in your local area.

Apart from earning commission on income and advertising generated from individuals and companies that they have introduced to, Local Area Leaders will also earn an Area Bonus - a generous proportion of all their local area income (including that generated by others).

Although initial income may be quite low, it should be fair enough for the number of hours worked, and should grow with your site and as we introduce new income streams. As there are typically thousands of companies, and tens of thousands of residents in a typical local area, this could grow into a substantial income, mainly limited by the amount of time and effort that you can put in.

Please Contact Us to register your interest in becoming an Local Area Leader or Affiliate.

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