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Country: United Kingdom (England)
County: Staffordshire
Town/City: Lichfield
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  BasedHere in Lichfield, Staffordshire

This site is a new concept in providing useful local information to local residents, run by local people.

By gathering together local information on entertainment, social clubs and activities, shops, tradesmen and companies, jobs, house and car sales, we can provide residents with a simple way to find local information without spending endless hours trawling the whole internet.

Using this site, you will benefit from knowing what is locally available, can interact with other residents with a variety of services including unwanted goods recycling/sales, dating and making friends, learning of special offers available to residents, finding and supporting your local businesses and charities.

Some of the Services we will be adding
Community Groups in Lichfield in Lichfield: Contact details and news from local social, political, sport, hobby, religious and community groups.
Free Stuff in Lichfield: Recycle unwanted Private Goods in Lichfield
Local Businesses in Lichfield: Shops in Lichfield, Hotels in Lichfield, Pubs in Lichfield, Businesses in Lichfield, Tradesmen in Lichfield
Classifieds in Lichfield: Private Sale of Goods in Lichfield, Trade Sale of Goods in Lichfield
Special Offers in Lichfield: Special offers of the week from local shops and businesses
Employment in Lichfield: Jobs in Lichfield, Job Seekers in Lichfield
Property in Lichfield: Houses for Sale in Lichfield, Houses for Rent in Lichfield, House Buyers in Lichfield
Transport in Lichfield: Cars for Sale in Lichfield, Car Sharing in Lichfield
Charities in Lichfield: Contact details and news from local charities, fundraising.
Social in Lichfield: Dating in Lichfield, Personals in Lichfield, Friends in Lichfield, Socialising in Lichfield
Entertainment in Lichfield: Contact details and news about local entertainment in Lichfield

Lichfield Area Information

Currently the information available is very limited. We have a lot of ideas for things/services that only work at a local level, or with the involvement of local people, many of which are under development. We have disabled/hidden from view everything but essential functions to access the information currently available.

The only information so far is the community group: Lichfield Gospel Choir

If you live/work in the Lichfield area, and wish to add information about your community group, business, hobby or anything else that may be of interest to other Lichfield residents, please Contact Us - we can always add your information manually for now.

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